Physical research laboratory

Buehler IsoMet Low Speed Precision Cutter

The Buehler IsoMet Low Speed cutting machine is a precision sectioning saw that is designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal deformation. This low speed precision cutter is targeted for delicate parts by only using gravity fed force.

Low speed sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually any material including brittle or ductile metals, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic devices and biomaterials.

Marc Resin Calibrator

Bransonic MH Series Ultrasonic Cleaner. This unit is designed with solid construction and excellent functionality for a variety of applications − including cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids.

  • Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank, eliminating dead zones for long life
  • Includes 60-minute mechanical timer and continuous operation
  • 40kHz industrial transducers
  • Controls located above and behind in easily accessible control tower panel which is raised above tank to avoid damage from cleaning solutions
  • Plastic body
  • Chemical-resistant
  • 1.5 gal. and larger models
  • Tank drains with valves

Marc Resin Calibrator

The Marc Resin Calibrator is one of two scientifically accurate & clinically relevant energy measurement systems offered by Blue Light Analytics enables dental researchers & manufacturers to:

  • Precisely control the amount, type and rate of energy delivery to the top surface of resin composite specimens; and
  • Monitor how much and what type of energy passes through to the bottom surface of that some increment of resin composite.

LabScan XE spectrophotometer

The LabScan XE spectrophotometer has 0°/45° optical geometry that measures color the way that you see color, ignoring the glare, and including the effect of gloss or texture. Its large measurement port of 50 mm reduces the need to average and the variable illumination option has an automated zoom lens to measure samples as small as 5 mm.

OHAUS Explorer

The OHAUS Explorer Series of analytical balances combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market. These smart and intuitive balances and all of their intelligent features simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements.

A large color touchscreen gives access to the advanced application modes and icon-driven application software features such as user manager, library, and minimum weight indication.

Explorer features fast stabilization times, optimized linearity and repeatability specifications, enhanced vibration filtering as well as AutoCal™ calibration to ensure accuracy.

The draftshield provides easy entry to the weighing chamber through the flip or sliding top door and the top-mounted side doors which can be automatically controlled on /AD models.

Electro Puls E3000 INSTRON Testing System

A powerful dynamic & static testing machine. At its core is a brushless linear electric motor capable of producing force at high velocities. The actuator uses powerful magnets & electromagnetic force to 0.provide load & displacement of the specimen

INSTRON 5965 Material Testing System

INSTRON 5965 Material Testing System with acapacity 5 KN [ 500kg. 1125 lb ] an electro mechanical testing machine  with programmable function keys , test status indicator,  variable speed jog & specimen protection

F2 Series Goniometer

F2 Series Goniometerdesigned to measure contact angle of sessile drops & pendant drops to perform other measurement which are a function of the Drop image software

Thermocycler 1100It

Thermocycler 1100It consist of cooling aggregate, warm – and cold bath tank.

Used in dental research for long-term temperature – stress for the development of composites materials. It stimulates changing temperatures in the mouth in order to evaluate the behavior of composites under these conditions.

Strain Book /616 Strain Range Indicator

The Strain Book /616 Strain Range Indicator   is a highly versatile precision instrument specifically designed for use with strain gauges and strain gauge-based transducer, measurements and applications.


MICRO VICKERS & KNOOP HARDNESS  A machine that performs hardness test, indentation placement is consistent using Vickers and Knoop scales.


The BUEHLER ISOMET 2000 PRECISION SAW   Used for cutting with the specifications from 0.1mm to 20mm with internal coolant and lubricant circulating during cutting procedures.

The Color Eye 7000A Spectro

The Color Eye 7000A Spectro – Photometerused in color analysis that is very accurate in all levels of opacity. It has two special analyzer, which measure the sample and the internal reference in a single, or multiple flashes if desired. High intensity pulsed xenon ensures accurate reading even for dark or highlysaturated colors.


AUTOMATA GRINDING AND POLISHING UNIT  A motor driven rotating sample holder with individual pressure application for the grinding and polishing of round or mounted samples up to 5 samples with a diameter of 25mm to 50mm can be prepared.

The Memmert Universal Oven

The Memmert  Universal Oven   It provides full range of batch drying oven can be used for almost every application between 30-200 degrees Celsius

Kavo Ewl type 990 Laboratory Motor

Kavo Ewl  type 990 Laboratory Motor / a low speed drill

Kavo Ewl type 4415

Kavo Ewl  type 4415  a low speed using hand piece with a holder with a foot control


The Novo-Curve glossmeter is a unique instrument with specially designed optics for accurately measuring curved surfaces and small areas. It can also be used to measure flat surfaces and areas which are too small to measure with standard glossmeters. With built in statistical analysis and the ability to download results to a PC the instrument has all the features you will ever need for fast accurate curved surface gloss measurement.


It performs various measurements on an object in an image, saves still images, input information about the height of an object and creating a 3-dimensional image, displays the cross section & measures height, width, angle, surface area & volume. Tools available to input comments, creates simple report.


It is a universal device to carry out these and other tests reliably and quickly. Special importance has been given to mechanical stability while developing it, ensuring that the results are maintained during extended operations as well.


The brushing machine is designed to perform tests of abrasiveness and brushing simulation in various types of materials. The machine has two distinct versions for brushing simulation: movements in X and XY movements


This testing machine can be universally used for a multitude of testing procedures on a whole variety of materials and components. The powerful software allows quick and easy analysis of the measurement results.