About Us


The College of Dentistry Research Center came into existence in 1981 by virtue of an Academic Council resolution requiring all the university’s constituent colleges’ set-up individual and autonomous Research Centers. This Center is a driving force for the interdisciplinary and collaborative research of the faculties and students. Over the years, the high level of research and development support given by the center has enabled us to produce a number of sound and worthwhile scientific studies using breakthrough technologies. In turn, we will continually strive to provide a conclusive medium where research ideas can thrive and develop.

CDRC Vision

Achieving leadership in scientific research and innovation in the field of Dentistry


The CDRC’s mission is to fulfill commitment in taking a more aggressive stand in developing and improving the research activities in the College.


To monitor all research in the college, and, in addition, to provide financial support as needed, to consider ethical implications, and to play an administrative and coordinating role in general.

To encourage viable research potentials from the dental professionals in the Kingdom.