Director’s message

The scientific research that improves the quality of life for the population is one of the main aims of King Saud University. This is very clear in the scientific movement of King Saud University at this time. The College of Dentistry Research Center (CDRC) contributes in the achievement of this aim through the financial and technical support it provides to the faculties, postgraduate students, the interns and the other researchers from inside and outside King Saud University to conduct their scientific research. The various specialized central laboratories are equipped with the scientific instrumentations and trained technicians. In addition, a scientific and statistical consultation is provided to aid in the analysis of the scientific research. The CDRC hopes that the researchers will benefit from the additional support they are providing which also includes refereeing the scientific research, the approval of the ethical committee and the support for the publications in the refereed scientific journals within the rules and regulations of King Saud University.


Dr. Ali Al Rahlah
College of Dentistry Research Center