1. The Effect of Chlorhexidine and Listerine Mouthwashes on the Tensile Strength of Selected Absorbable Sutures: An In Vitro Study

  2. Effect of phototherapy on dentin bond strength and microleakage when bonded to resin with different conditioning regimes.

  3. Failure Analysis and Reliability  of NiTi -Based Dental Rotary Files Subjected to Cyclic Fatigue

  4. Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Root Canal Morphology of Maxillary Premolars in a Saudi Population

  5. Efficacy of photodynamic therapy or low level laser therapy against steroid therapy in the treatment of erosive-atrophic oral lichen planus

  6. Peri-implant parameters, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and interleukin-1 beta levels in vaping individuals

  7. Prevalence of C-shaped canal system in mandibular first and second molars in a Saudi population assessed via cone beam computed tomography: a retrospective study

  8. Effects of Sodium Hypochlorite Concetration and Temperature on the Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Heat-treated Nickel titanium Rotary Instruments

  9. Influence of space size of abutment screw access channel on the amount of extruded excess cement and marginal accuracy of cement-retained single implant restorations

  10. Guided Bone Regeneration of Femoral Segmental Defects using Equine Bone Graft: An In Vivo Micro-Computed Tomographic Study in Rats

  11. Digital microscopic evaluation of vertical marginal discrepancies of CAD/CAM fabricated zirconia cores

  12. Effect of cement application techniques on the adaptation and retention of provisional crowns

  13. Rubric system for evaluation of crown preparation performed by dental students

  14. Evaluation of thickness of CAD/CAM fabricated zirconia cores by digital microscope

  15. Effect of Deproteinization Before and after Acid Etching on the Surface Roughness of Immature Permanent Enamel

  16. Comparison of Clinical, Radiographic, and Immunologic Inflammatory Parameters around Crestally and Subcrestally Placed Dental Implants: 5-Year Retrospective Results

  17. Effects of Evaluator’s Fatigue and Level of Expertise on the Global and Analytical Evaluation of Preclinical Tooth Preparation

  18. Comparison between five CAD/CAM systems for fit of zirconia copings.