Welcome message

Our Respected Professors, Doctors and Future Doctors,

Greetings and Welcome to College of Dentistry Research Groups Initiative.
In an attempt to facilitate and improve the scientific research experience for all undergraduate students, we are glad to announce the launching of the “College of Dentistry Research Groups Initiative”, through which we are hoping that students will easily be able to approach Faculty members to start research projects under their supervision and guidance.

In order to ensure that each faculty member is approached based on a knowledge of their research interests and the part of their projects that students can participate in, faculty members are invited to visit the faculty survey link and students are invited also to visit another survey link These links will eventually complement each other to develop suitable research groups of faculty members and students.

Your support and cooperation is very much needed to help our college make progress towards becoming the best dental school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kind regards,
Dr. Latifah Alhowaish